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Judi's Bin Patterns

Bly & Colton  

Click HERE to See the Other "Oregon RagBabies" Patterns!

Oregon RagBabiesTM

Original Cloth Doll Pattern

Oregon RagBabies  - Kezi Matthews Original Cloth Doll Pattern - Bly and Colton Cloth Doll Patterns

Bly & Colton
18" Twin Boy & Girl Babies
with sit-down bodies.
(Includes Fine-Line Face Transfer for Each Doll!)

4th and 5th of the 6 Classic Dolls of the Oregon RagBabies(TM) family

Distributed exclusively by
The Doll Net
Internet Visions Company

Lovable "Bly & Colton" patterns are the 4th and 5th of the classics belonging to The Oregon RagBabies(TM) family of soft dolls created by Kezi Matthews in 1990. "Bly & Colton" and the other 4 members of the RagBabies(TM) family are named after picturesque small towns and hamlets in the beautiful State of Oregon. There is a group picture of all six Oregon RagBabies(TM) at the bottom of this page.

We now have all Oregon RagBabies(TM) patterns available. Don't miss out on collecting the entire set. There are a total of 5 patterns for the 6 dolls. Click HERE to See the Other "Oregon RagBabies" Patterns!

Bly & Colton are 2 more steal-your-heart-away dolls, designed for muslin/broadcloth but will also make a beautiful doll in knit. They are 18" twin babies with sit-down bodies. These are classic patterns you'll be using for years to come!

Included with the pattern are Kezi's Signature iron-on fine-line face transfers (one for each doll).

The instructions are well-illustrated, easy-to-follow and including Kezi's quick-as-a-wink colored pencils and pens technique for gorgeous face-finishing. You'll love making these darling little twins!

This is a special printing of the original patterns with a redesigned color cover featuring these darling twins.

Bly & Colton - $18.95
Includes two iron-on fine line face transfers - One for each doll.)

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The Oregon RagBabies
The Oregon RagBabies(TM)
by Kezi Matthews

Alsea & Puppy Soozie, ElgaRose, Milo and Dilley
(back row left to right)

Bly & Colton - Twin Babies
(front row)

Click HERE to See the Other "Oregon RagBabies" Patterns!

SKU blycolton
Price: $18.95


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